What we do:


Establish a digital transformation strategy that focuses on meeting existing compliance needs and preparing for the future.  We assess current deletion compliance functionality including creating a plan, developing a future roadmap, and offering audits for analytics.


Ensure big data is actionable data by optimizing data analytics strategy from collection to report optimization,  including tagging recommendation, report building, and read-out narrative. Our team will discover insights and offer innovative ideas.  This service is available across all major reporting platforms along with internal platforms.


Transform IT, marketing, legal and management teams with the mandate for compliance across digital and non-digital properties. RIVN can offer management consulting along with direct technological solutions to impact brands.  It is critical that cross-functional teams work seamlessly which starts with system audits, interpersonal communication, setting standards and comparative goals.


Digital marketing ecosystem inclusion is critical for companies to succeed today. It has been proven that a single cloud environment is not scalable so we help companies enable new and existing technology to ensure compliance standards.  We are focused on analytics orientation to ensure big data is actionable data.


EcoSystem Awareness