General Data Protection Regulation


Coordinate consumer deletion requests at the push of a button to meet compliance standands for regulations such as the General Data Production Regulation (GDPR)


GDPR Compliance

Respect consumers’ deletion requests across digital channels as mandated in Article 17 (Right to be Forgotten) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

Failure to meet GDPR compliance on the more severe infraction an up to €20 million, or 4% of the worldwide annual revenue of the prior financial year, whichever is higher, shall be issued for each infringement.

Ensure GDPR Functionality

The Right to Erasure is one of the key data rights mandated by the GDRP which is new functionality to most organizations globally.

The Right to be Forgotten/Erasure in summary includes the data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller the erasure of personal data concerning him or her without undue delay and the controller shall have the obligation to erase personal data without undue delay which certain conditions are met.

To meet this requirement deletion functionality is required.


Data Sources

Leverage existing customer touch points for deletion based on request.

Create a method and maintain a process to allow customers to request data access.

Prebuilt data sources built for your business requirements

Deletion Process

Process the request in real-time across digital stack.

Leverage functional API to meet GDPR compliance standards.

Erasure processing based on point and click with monitoring.

Request Record

Reporting/audit trail for deletion requests and analytics for completion.

Ensure digital protection with request record ownership.

Real-time deletion completion available is easy to use UI.


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